Thursday, February 5, 2009

Morning Hike

I awoke to a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the air was cool. Clouds were rolling by in the sky, the weather report was forecasting rain. The boys have finals this week, so there are no assignments, only studying to be done. Since the work load is light, I thought it would be good for the boys to take a hike. We had some breakfast, packed up some water, loaded up in the car and drove to the park. From the park we hiked into the canyon. I felt a bit weak, but I pushed through, so glad I did. It felt good to get out and enjoy nature rather than dwell on my problems.

As we were on our way back from our hike into the canyon the wind started to pick up which meant the rain was coming. It was glorious to stand in the sunshine overlooking a marsh with the soft moist wind blowing around me. The boys were running around playing as a Snowy Egret flew by. God's blessings were all around me.

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fairmaiden said...

What a perfect day. Doesn't just lift your spirit to get out in the fields with God? It always does mine. So glad to hear your colon is fine.