Friday, November 14, 2008

Joshua Tree

Above is a picture of a Joshua tree in Joshua Tree National Park, California. My boys left for Joshua Tree tonight. They are going camping with their Boy Scout troop. Mark is taking them over to the church right now. They are going to carpool out to the camp with other scouts. This is a rare trip for them because Mark usually goes camping too, but this time he is staying home with me. A couples weekend for us, which we haven't had since July when we went away to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I know the boys will be fine because they are going to be with people that have known them since they were in 1st grade! Plus, I need to trust God, He will take good care of my sons. I guess us moms always worry about our children. Anyway, I cooked a nice dinner for the boys and then they got dressed up in their uniforms. They always look so handsome. ;-) I hugged each of them goodbye and told them I love them. They were so excited to go. Even though they drive me nuts, I miss them already.

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