Monday, November 17, 2008

The Boys are Home

The boys got home safe and sound from camp. They came back with a few bumps & bruises, but nothing out of the ordinary for boys. The adults in the troop were calling Mark asking the best route to take home due to the fires. Everyone got through just fine. Mark called his cousin again and found that their family had narrowly escaped the fires. The fire was a mile away from their home when the winds suddenly shifted and moved it away from their area. Praise God! Brandon's friend from school who lives in Anaheim Hills called Brandon's cell phone at 3 AM Sunday morning and left a message. He was asking for prayer for his family because the fire was coming up to their backyard and they were evacuating. My son called him back and left a message, but has not gotten a call yet. Hopefully nothing bad has happened and he will see him at school.

As for me, I am still trying to recover. It is taking a lot longer than I would like. My colon is working great, it is just my digestive tract that is not right yet. We do have a virus that causes stomach aches and gas. I am hoping that all the stomach discomfort I feel is from a virus and not from the surgery. It may be a combo, but I cannot sort it out. I definitely need to be more patient (which I am not). I need more time to heal. I am still only able to eat half of a normal sized meal. Due to not being able to eat much my energy level is low, but praise God I have gained 1 lb! Please pray that all the pain I feel in my stomach/intestines would go away and that my eating will return to normal. Thanks so much!

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Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Praying for you to get some comfort from the pain soon!