Monday, October 6, 2008


I am doing as much laundry as I can before I go off to the hospital. I have been trying to do some good cleaning too. I keep thinking that I am going to miss the freedom of movement I have gotten back from my last surgeries. It took a year to get my strength back after having two big surgeries plus having septic shock, sepsis and peritonitis. I have so enjoyed doing my gardening which I was not strong enough to do until August this year. I also just recently got back my gusto to teach the boys, as well as do the heavy cleaning around the house. After this surgery I will not be able to lift anything heavy like a laundry basket full of clothes, nor a bag of groceries. I won't be able to drive or take a bath (only a shower). I will have to take it easy for six weeks after surgery, which the 6 week mark will be November 20th. For awhile it will be difficult to teach being in pain and all, but I am hoping not as difficult as it was last autumn. I never felt so entirely weak as I did last autumn. The Lord got me through all of that and here I sit moaning. Am I not just as spoiled as spoiled can be? Oh well, I am just going to have to be patient and stop my grumbling. I need to wait on the Lord and marvel at all the wonderful, loving things He does.

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