Saturday, September 13, 2008

Garden Day

Hello All,

Above is a picture from my friend Barb in Texas. This is of her lovely garden. Isn't it gorgeous? It was a beautiful day here in Southern California as well. Warm sunshine, clear blue skies and the temperature felt like Autumn is near. Not much going on with us Finleys today, just a quiet day at home. I wanted to take a day trip up to Oak Glen where the apples grow, but Mark was not in the mood for driving. We usually go in November, but with me having surgery in October, I am not sure I will be up to it. This will be year #3 that we will miss going to Oak Glen due to my health issues.

Anyway, it has been a quiet day at home. Brandon and I are the early risers in our family of 4. We got to spend some special time together. I made him some hot chocolate while my tea steeped. We had oatmeal and toast with berry jam. While sipping on our warm beverages we filled in the blanks on a couple Mad Libs. We got to laughing real hard a few times. A great way to start the day.

Later on, I taught Eric some history while Mark taught Brandon Algebra. After I was done with Eric, he had geometry with his Dad. The rest of the day we have been tinkering around the house and the boys have been playing with their friends in the neighborhood. Mark and the boys did leave for awhile to clean out the Boy Scout supply shed over at the church. Eric is sick with a cold, but it is not anything that is keeping him down. Even with a cold he has more energy than I do. :)


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